The Synergy Challenge
This contest will identify and reward kids who apply their imaginations to solve complex issues.  Rather than playing with their electronic devices after school ends, kids will be encouraged to invent, create, and contribute. Always positive in spirit, each new Challenge will encourage participants to improve their community, themselves, or another living thing and will involve the task of designing, creating or building something realistic – it must actually work! Children participate in one of three age-appropriate Challenge categories: Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle (Grades 5-8), High (Grades 9-12) as an individual or a group.  Two winners will be chosen from each category on the basis of relevance, originality of thought, uniqueness of content, creative expression and grammar. All entries are due December 1, 2011.
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Hackerman Academy of Mathematics and Science Saturday Program Series at Towson University


Johns Hopkins University CTY Family Academic Programs


 MIT Splash for gifted students in grades 7-12


  Do High Flyers Maintain Their Attitude?  A Study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Performance Trends of top students is the first to examine the performance of America’s highest-achieving children over time at the individual student level.


Rethinking Gifted Education Policy—A Call to Action

In the September issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest…distinguished psychological scientists argue for a new framework for identifying and supporting giftedness in all domains in the United States.


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